At Sun-Quest Tanning we Offer the most advanced tanning beds.​ These are a few Beds That Sun-Quest has to offer.

Ergoline 650 High Pressure 

This Bed Offers the extreme power of high pressure tanning in just 15 minutes! High pressure tanning for fair-skinned people is the only way to achieve awesome results in a short period of time without worrying about burning.The Ergoline 650 is a high pressure bronzing bed that has results like no other! One session in this bed would be equivalent to 4 or 5 sessions in a regular tanning bed

​The Lotus 
This Bed Offers Extreme Tanning Results for the Most advanced Tanners. High Pressure Facial lamps with on or off function. The 12 minute tanning bed will leave you with ultra dark results in just one tan!
Ergoline Advantage 400 
This Bed is the Browning Bed! With a 15 minutes Tan that looks like you just came back from Vacation. This will leave you bronzed and Beautiful!

Stand Up

Stand Up Tanning Offers An Even All Round Tan That Has You Glowing From Head To Toe! This bed is a 10 minute Max for those people on the go!